Sell to or buy from us!

Tom’s Computers aims to help those who need money and also those that need a phone. We do this through the purchasing of old broken devices, you may have an iPhone or old Laptop at home that you thought was worthless and were going to throw away. Stop right there as we can help, send us a short message here about the device you have, what is wrong with it, and we will get back to you with a cash offer! On the other hand, if you need a phone, and you want to know it has been refurbished professionally, by all means, contact us here , and we can get you set up with your new phone!

Technical Support

If you find you do not know how to take full advantage of your device, need some help setting up a printer, are unable to the internet or are bothered by any of your devices, Tom’s Computers is here to help! We have technicians with extensive knowledge ready and waiting to help you become more in tune with your technology. We will come out to you and calmly help you solve any issue you might be facing. All customers that have used our tech support package have been incredibly impressed by our attitude, problem-solving abilities and pricing. Maybe we can help you too!

Computer Repairs

Have you got a Laptop, Mac, PC or Macbook that is not holding charge, has a broken screen or won’t boot? These are just some of the services we can offer you to help with your computer repair needs. Tom’s Computer’s staff have years of experience repairing and refurbishing computers. So if you have a problem that is affecting the usage of your computer why not give us a message, and within no time at all, you could be up and running again!

Computer Speed Up

Is your Laptop, Mac, Macbook or PC running slow, taking huge amounts of time to open simple programs or believed to have a virus? Tom’s Computers offers a fast and reliable service to make sure your computer using experience is both safe and swift. We offer virus removal services right through to a full factory reset, our staff’s extensive experience working on these problems has lead to great efficiency, making sure you don’t spend too long without your device!

Portable Device Repairs

Have you dropped your phone or tablet and left a nasty crack in the screen? Or have you found that recently your battery life is far shorter than it should be? Tom’s Computers is the place to go. Whatever your problem might be, we have skilled technicians ready to help you get your device repaired. Tom’s Computers prides its self on offering a premium service, therefore, any tablet or phone you get repaired with us we will purchase and fit a tempered glass screen protector at no extra cost!

Bespoke PC Design and Fitting

Tom’s Computers pools a knowledge of the mechanics of computers with the abilities of specific pieces of hardware to suit a customer’s needs. If you need a new computer for the office, a set of computers for your workplace or are a PC gamer in need of a new rig, we’re here to help. Get in touch here and tell us what kind of activities you’re going to be doing on your computer. We will go away and formulate a part list for the ideal PC, make any changes you require, turn the parts into a fully working computer and set it up for you at your house!